Monday, February 27, 2012

Shelf Sitter Challenge Doll

Hi! I feel a little guilty about not posting for over two months! I just haven't had anything to post about, until today. I've been working on a few shelf sitters to send to ADQ for their shelf sitter challenge. I hope they choose one for the issue.

This doll is titled "The Percussionist". She is dressed in a costume that borrows styles from several eras.

I used three Bali Batiks for her clothes. Her body is stuffed cloth, painted with acrylic paints. Her head was sculpted with paper clay, and also painted to match her body.

I used dyed mohair for her hair. She wears a turban-style hat, with a dark brown organza ribbon rose tucked into one side.

She "specializes" in percussion instruments from the 15th Century. There are three instruments attached to a cord around her waist.

Her knees are permanently bent. On her feet she wears slippers sculpted from paper clay and painted to coordinate with her outfit.

If I still have any followers left, after being absent so long, I hope you will leave comments. Later this week I will be posting another shelf sitter doll.

See you later,



The Bear's Blog said...

She is amazing. Her face is wonderful, I love her expression.

The fabric colors go so will with her "complexion" and hair.

Can't wait to see the next creation.

Welcome back to blogging.


maddyrose said...

I can't believe how beautiful she is considering her face is sculpted from Paper mache clay. I'd love to see this one up close and in person. Maggie she and her costume are absolutely incredible and I love, really love this doll. I can't wait to see the next one.

Marlene said...

Maggie she is gorgeous! You know that though as I have seenh her in person. The pictures of her are great but in person is soooooo much better. I she doesn't get chosen they are crazy.

Erin Tame Designs said...

Beautiful! You have a super talented family!! :)

Maggie said...

Thank you, guys. Maddy, the face is made from paper clay, not paper mache clay. Big difference, as you know.

Magic Love Crow said...

Welcome back Maggie ;o) Great to see you! Thanks for coming by my blog ;o) Your doll is amazing!! You are so talented!!!

Cobblestone Creations said...

Oh Maddy ~ she is stunning! One of those dolls that you wish could talk because you know she's got some fascinating stories to tell. Good luck!

Sharon M. said...

Very Sweet! What a wonderful job you've done, you've inspired me Maddy!