Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Whimsical Santa

I finished this whimsical Santa earlier this week. I've painted his robe and hat in my favorite faded red, Adobe Red. I hope they never stop making this color.

Santa is seen delivering a special present to an especially good little girl. Amy had whispered into his ear that all she wants for Christmas is a little black kitten. No dollies, no electronics, just a kitten.

Santa told Romeow all about Amy, and the little kitten is eager to meet his new family.

Santa stands 11" tall, and is sculpted completely from paper mache clay over a clean coffee creamer bottle. Acrylic paints in Adobe Red, Silver, White, Alpine Green and Coral. He's been sealed and glazed with an "aging glaze", and then sealed again with a poly acrylic satin finish.

I've made his expression less serious than previous Santas. I painted his eyebrows quite high over his baby blues. He looks surprised. I believe Amy must have been waiting under the tree so that she wouldn't miss Santa's visit.

A few more views of Santa:

Santa is wearing his favorite robe... the one with the big silver button at the top.

Well, there he is. This happy Santa will be going into my Etsy shop soon.

Oh, I almost forgot! I just want to share something with you... You may remember "Mr. Moonlight" from an older post last year. He will be appearing in the Summer 2012 issue of Art Doll Quarterly, due in stores in about a week, on May 1.

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maddyrose said...

Absolutly wonderful!!! Your Santas are always fantastic but I think this one is very special. Don't I always say something like that when I see one of them? I love the raised eyebrows on this one and the sweet kitten in the stocking is such a clever idea. Romeow, huh?? Now, where have I heard that name before? I'm sure Amy must be looking out from under the tree like you suggested. I can almost hear Santa saying, "Oh my!!"
I'm with you on the Adobe red. It's one of my favorites for painting Santa's robes. Keep up the great work.

Magic Love Crow said...

Maggie, I really, really, love this one!!! I love the way Santa looks and I love that black kitten! Did I tell you, I really love this??? ;o))

Maggie said...

LOL, try to show some enthusiasm, Stacey! ;-)

Cobblestone Creations said...

Romeow! Oh Maggie, you are having way too much fun. Santa is just adorable.

Lee Pierce said...

Precious Santa and Romeow is a perfect name for that little black kitten :D