Monday, July 30, 2012

More Hallowe'en Raggedies

Well, I'm back with more Raggedies. Meet Homespun Pumpkin Andy and Annie. Quite the strong family resemblance, don't you agree?

Andy is Annie's big brother.

He's wearing a homespun plaid shirt in fall colors, with mismatched buttons, and a pair of black trousers. A scrap of homespun around his neck for a bow tie. Rusty bell on his tie, and black lace-up shoes complete his outfit.

Andy's little sis, Annie, is dressed in a primitively sewn homespun plaid dress in Hallowe'en colors of orange and black, and has a rusty bell attached to a scrap of homespun cotton fabric tied around her waist. Her shoes are trimmed with buttons.

She's holding her Halloween Trick-or-Treat Bag in her left hand.

Both are sewn from osnaburg cotton fabric, and painted with acrylic paints. Andy is 9.5" tall, and Annie is 9" tall, not counting the green ric-rac vines on top of their heads. Annie's Halloween Pumpkin Bag is made from paper mache.

Both of these little cuties will be in my Etsy store.

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The Bear's Blog said...

Hi Maggie,

They are adorable. I am looking forward to receiving my Annie, she will be the perfect addition to fall decorating here.


maddyrose said...

Love the raggedy siblings. They really are adorable and I can't get over those big orange eyes. xoxox

Magic Love Crow said...

Maggie!! These are brilliant! Love them! The faces are so cute! I love the teeth in Andy's mouth! LOL! Can they sit? Or are they meant to stand? Take Care ;o) said...

My goodness these are just so adorable! You and Maddy make the cutest things! :-) I was wondering who had the little baskets...and now I know.