Sunday, March 13, 2011

Santa and Friends

Well, I am finally ready to share the seated Santa that I've been working on. Thanks for being so patient.

Santa is taking a little break. While sitting on a large boulder, the tiniest rabbit he has seen approaches. It is followed by another, slightly larger one.

Santa is 11" tall, including the base he is attached to. He is holding the smallest rabbit in his hand, while the other one is sitting by his boot. My closeup of the smallest rabbit is a little blurry, sorry.

He is made from paper mache, with a small amount of air dry clay on his face. The base is made from a plaster/paper product called Sculptamold.

His coat is sage green, and his pants are a really dark green. They look black in the photos. I decorated his coat with holly leaves and berries. His bag sits next to the rock.

This guy was more complicated than my other Santas. Since I wanted him to be wearing pants and boots, I built a full armature from wire, cardboard, and crumpled paper with masking tape. I posed the "skeleton" in a seated position, and then started applying the paper mache.

He can be purchased from me for $250. Free shipping to the United States.

I am happy with the way he turned out, and I hope that you have enjoyed looking at him.

See you,


maddyrose said...

Maggie, He looks amazing. I love his bag. It looks like it could be opened and not like it's made from PMC. You've changed him quite a bit since I saw him last Sunday. The photo isn't bad, but even so it does not do him justice. Love you Sis

Jordan Anderson said...

He is AWESOME! I love him! sweet little bunnies, too. So much detail and obviously time-consuming! He's gorgeous.

art2cee2 said...

Wow, he is so wonderful that I am at a loss for words and that is not easy for me!!!! I LOVE him. :-) You are so very talented.

pinkglitterfae said...

I think he is fantastic! love the holly details you painted, it's the little things that make a huge difference.

Maggie said...

Thank you Maddy, Crystal, Jordan and Pink!

Marlene said...

Sorry I am so late getting here. He is absolutely gorgeous, if you can say that about a man. Love the detail on his coat and the bunnies are very sweet. Great Job Sis.

Anna Rosa Designs said...

Hi Maggie,
What fabulous, patient work you've done with this Santa.
He's gorgeous!
Happy creating,