Monday, February 27, 2012

Shelf Sitter Challenge Doll

Hi! I feel a little guilty about not posting for over two months! I just haven't had anything to post about, until today. I've been working on a few shelf sitters to send to ADQ for their shelf sitter challenge. I hope they choose one for the issue.

This doll is titled "The Percussionist". She is dressed in a costume that borrows styles from several eras.

I used three Bali Batiks for her clothes. Her body is stuffed cloth, painted with acrylic paints. Her head was sculpted with paper clay, and also painted to match her body.

I used dyed mohair for her hair. She wears a turban-style hat, with a dark brown organza ribbon rose tucked into one side.

She "specializes" in percussion instruments from the 15th Century. There are three instruments attached to a cord around her waist.

Her knees are permanently bent. On her feet she wears slippers sculpted from paper clay and painted to coordinate with her outfit.

If I still have any followers left, after being absent so long, I hope you will leave comments. Later this week I will be posting another shelf sitter doll.

See you later,