Sunday, June 5, 2011

'Twas The Night After Christmas

** UPDATE!! **
This Santa OOAK Art Doll is going to be published in the Nov/Dec/Jan 2012 issue of Art Doll Quarterly! In newstands on Nov. 1, 2011. I'm so excited and thrilled to be published with so many wonderful artists.
** ** **

'Twas the Night After Christmas, and Santa was having a bedtime snack of cocoa and gingerbread cookies. Mmmm... why don't we join him?

This sleepy Santa is made from paper mache, paper clay, fabric, acrylic paint, and more. He was sculpted with paper mache over a wire armature. I used crumpled newspaper and masking tape to "fill him out" before applying the paper mache. I sculpted his head seperately from his body so that I would be able to attach it after dressing him in his night shirt.

He wears a night cap made from red and white striped quilting fabric. The cozy nightshirt was sewn from solid white flannel that I embroidered with red and tan thread. His gingerbread cookie was sculpted from air dry clay, and his cup of cocoa started out as a miniature wooden bucket.

He stands 12" tall, including the base (which is made from a slice of a Christmas Tree). He is standing on an old fashioned braided rug, which I made from paper mache clay. The main paint colors used on this Santa and his rug, mug, and cookie, are Santa Red, Warm White, Winter Blue, Toffee Brown, Mississippi Mud, Evergreen, Santa Flesh, and Adobe Red.

I couldn't resist giving him fuzzy bunny slippers! They are sprinkled with crystal tinsel glitter, however it doesn't show up in the photos. His painted on long red underwear has a "drop seat" with two buttons. Not shown, Santa is modest, and after all, this is a G rated blog.

I hope you have enjoyed viewing my Night After Christmas Santa. I appreciate any critiques and comments you leave.



pinkglitterfae said...

This has got to be my favorite Santa of yours! there is no way I would sell him if I were you, lol! I love your attention to details, right down to those cute bunny slippers, haha!
you are a woman who loves what you create, and I wish you much success

maddyrose said...

This Santa is the cutest one ever. I love his night shirt and slippers. Are those miniature marshmellows in the cocoa? What a great post. Very entertaining. How did you braid the rug? You've done it again Sis,I'm in awe of your talent. Hugs

Maggie said...

Thank you, Betty and Maddy.
Yes, I do love what I create!
I hope Santa doesn't mind that I showed everybody his bunny slippers.
Yes, Maddy, those are marshmellows in his cocoa. The rug isn't really braided, I just tried to make the paper mache look like it was.

Leola - Southshoreartist said...

Awesome awesome awesome!!!! and the bunny slippers are the perfect touch!!!!!

Marlene said...

Sis, he turned out so cute. I saw him in progress and he is wonderful. How long did it take you to do all the embroidery on his nightshirt? Don't know if I would have the patience.

Lee Pierce said...

What a great glimpse of Santa on a day off! The cookie is a nice touch but I love the red long johns and bunny slippers :D

Cobblestone Creations said...

Couldn't be any cuter! LOVE IT!!!

Carolynn McDade said...

Dear Maggie,

Your dolls and Claus are just fantastic... lots of effort to make these lovely creations.....You come from quite a creative family, don't you!

(and thank you for visiting my blog!)

sending many blessings, ~~carolynn

Jordan said...

Bunny slippers... =:) What an awesome Santa! this is what i always imagined Santa looked like while he was eating the cookies we made for him. How could he not resist working in his pjs? I would if I could! He is great! I love his night gown!