Sunday, July 3, 2011

That Old Gift Bearer

Santa has been bringing gifts for good boys and girls for hundreds of years. No, he never tires of it. He may look a little tired here, but that's just what age does, right? LOL. My children and grandkids are always telling me I look tired. I tell them I'm not, gravity is just working against me.

Anyway, more about this old gift bearer. Santa is wearing a fur trimmed cloak with a hood. He's not wearing any mittens right now, because he's indoors. Some lucky little kid is getting three packages! I wonder what's inside them?

He is constructed almost entirely of paper mache (his hands were made with cold porcelain clay), gessoed, and painted with acrylic paints and mediums. The robe under his cloak is printed scrapbook paper. The three packages are styrofoam wrapped with scrapbook papers, sealed and antiqued, and then I sprinkled them with a little "snow".

He's only the second Santa that I've made who isn't wearing a hat or hood over his bald pate. I kind of like the look of his hood thrown back.

Oh, one more thing. Santa wants me to remind you of my free drawing. Just click on the picture below for details:

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maddyrose said...

Wow!! I really love this Santa and the wrapped gifts. He may look a bit tired but it's probably been a long night so far and he still has many stops to make. I have to tell you Maggie, you're Santa figures have that special something that makes me want each and every one of them. xoxo

Lisa said...

I agree, we're not tired, it's gravity! Okay, so is the cold porcelain in the clay section at the store and do you use it because the hands are so delicate? (inquiring mind, thing)

each one is better than the last!

Maggie said...

Thank you, Maddy and Lisa. I believe there is a product in the clay section that is similar to the cold porcelain. I made mine about a month ago, and yes, it's easier to sculpt the hands than paper mache.

Marlene said...

Maggie, I love him, but then you know that. He is so much nicer in person where you can touch him and see all the little details and feel the weight of him in your hands. Wonderful work!

Lee Pierce said...

Maggie, what wonderful work! This Santa is so lovingly done. I love his balding head and super detailed face. So nicely done!

Mina said...

This Santa is wonderful! I love the added touch of the snow on the packages. Such a treasure!

art2cee2 said...

Oh my goodness I love this Santa, holding his neatly wrapped packages. :-)