Sunday, April 17, 2011

Another Day, Another Santa

As you probably have guessed by now, I love making Santas. So much so, that I think I might have to start selling them on eBay or Etsy, to make room for more. Do you think it's too early in the year to sell Santas? Or Halloween art?

I created this friendly Santa six weeks ago, but wasn't happy with the greeting that he was holding in his hands, the letters were too small. So, I reworked it. He is holding a rayon cord with letters and gold metallic beads. I think he's going to hang it up somewhere. Maybe on his door, or in the reindeer stables?

He's made from paper mache, with a small amount of paper clay on his face and beard to make it smoother. Painted in acrylic paints, antiqued and then sealed with polyacrylic.

Thank you for dropping by, hope to see you again.



Barbara said...

Wow Maggie! He really looks good! You did a beautiful job on him.

Hugs XX

maddyrose said...

I love the letters. It must have taken you ages to paint and cut out each one. Wow. I was staying with you when you made this guy so you already know how much I adore him. He is still one of my favorites. I know what you mean about maybe having to sell some of the Santas. I've got a house full and it doesn't look like either of us is about to stop. LOL! xoxox

Erin Tame Designs said...

I LOVE your Santas!! My motto is it's never too early to start decorating for Christmas, so it's definitely not too early to start selling Christmas items!

What do you use for antiquing? I've tried several products, but none have given the effect that I'm seeking.

Thank you for sharing all of your beautiful work!

Maggie said...

Thanks, ladies. I appreciate your comments. Erin, I use Americana Gel Stain.

Erin Tame Designs said...

Great! Thanks, Maggie! I will go get some today.

I forgot to mention in my last may want to check out Earth Angels Toys if you haven't already ( and as another option for selling your creations.

Thanks again!!

Marlene said...

Hi, I love this one. His sign is awesome and you must have taken forever to paint each letter. It is never to early or late to sell holiday related items.

Magic Love Crow said...

Maggie, I think he's great! And, people collect Halloween and Christmas items, to have them displayed all year round, so put them up for sale!

Lee said...

I am so glad to see that Santa likes to decorate, too :D Must be he never tires of all the preparations for the big day.
Wonderful work, Maggie! I wouldn't hesitate to list him on etsy now ( 4 month run) but ebay is a different deal. I believe there is a listing deal starting the 19th but not sure of the details.

Cobblestone Creations said...

Santa decorating . . . I like it! :D

Anna Rosa Designs said...

Oh Maggie,
You've done a fabulous job on this Santa.