Thursday, April 28, 2011

Mr. Moonlight Puttin' on the Ritz

Well, he's finished! Just need to do a few minor tweaks, but he's basically done. I put a lot of work and thought into this fellow, but I am not as happy with him as I was with the little Halloween Clown. I think I should have photographed him against a white background.

Mr. Moonlight is dressed up for a night on the town. He's wearing a ruffled pearescent orange dress shirt under his tux jacket. If you gaze at the moon, you will notice craters here and there on the surface. Please, no remarks about his complexion ;-)!

I wanted his trousers to resemble the ones worn by Johnny D in Alice in Wonderland-short and wide legged. His top hat is also a little reminescent of the Madd Hatter's. His skinny legs are painted a deep blue, and his slippers are black. Almost can't tell the difference. He wears a cumberbund, and his jacket has tails.

I designed his neck so that it would turn. So, you can turn his head to face right, left or straight ahead, like the photo above. The other side of his face is the dark side of the moon, and he's asleep. Well, his eye is closed, so I guess he's asleep, maybe he's just winking?

His base is decorated with orange stars to complement his shirt, and the area where he is standing looks a little like a full moon.

He is made from paper mache clay, and paper strips and paste. His shirt and jacket are made from paper that was cut to the shape, glued on and painted. His lower legs have dowels in them, for strength. He is mounted on his base with very small dowels glued into holes in the bottom of his feet. Also, the bottom of his feet are glued directly to the surface of the base.

Did you think that was all? I put a little extra into Mr. Moonlight. When he goes out on the town he likes to dance to his favorite tune, "Puttin' On The Ritz". The old-fashioned music box movement that I built into the base sounds so cool! All you have to do is wind the little key on the back to hear it (no, he won't really dance, some things you just have to imagine):

Well, there he is, Oh, I almost forgot to mention his cane. It's just there for effect, as he is quite stable.
What do you think?

See you later,


maddyrose said...

He's so darn handsome and such a snappy dresser. I really love Mister Moon. He's clothing is so wonderfully detailed and the colors you used are perfect for a night on the town. Your pieces always have such interesting things going on that I want to keep looking to make sure I'm not missing anything. For instance, I didn't notice the faint stripes in his pants at first glance. It took a second look at the box that he's standing on to see that the stars are raised. He is amazing.

Erin Tame Designs said...

Wow. You are truly an amazing artist.

Lee Pierce said...

Maggie - this is outstanding work! He is precious ;^)

art2cee2 said...

He is just soooo cool! You come up with the neatest characters and then create them in three dimensional glory! Love it. :-)

Maggie said...

Thank you, all! I appreciate your dropping by and your comments. xoxoxoxox

Jordan Anderson said...

Love him! Well he must have had a heck of a time during puberty ;) His suit almost reminds me of Jack from Nightmare Before Christmas, and his hat reminds me of the Mad Hatter! I love his two-sided face, the dark side and the light side, very cool!

Marlene said...

Maggie is is fantastic. I love that he is a music box. I need to see him in person. Are you going to make Mr. Sunshine now?

Lisa said...

Oh Maggie, you did a fantastic job with this Moon! I LOVE him!!!!!!
I love the mix of mache with paper! Now that I have the song in my head...I'll be humming it all day!
Have a great day yourself!


Astridbears said...

I love him and the Halloween Clown too!! Fantastic!! I´m a follower now
have a wonderful day

pinkglitterfae said...

what a spiffy little character you have created! he looks very elegant, and like he's stepping out in style. Love the addition of the music box base, you chose the perfect song.
Your cute clown in your last post is awesome too!
hope you are having a lovely day

Anna Rosa Designs said...

Hi Maggie,
Oh wow, he is gorgeous and sooo creative of you to be able to make him.

Lori said...

WOW...this one is AMAZING!!! Of course, I am a moon child!! Love him!!!