Sunday, April 24, 2011

Hallowe'en Clown

I hope you are having a beautiful Easter Sunday. It rained here, not too good for Easter egg hunts.

I finished a little piece that I started last year. Originally, he was going to be riding on a fish that was twice his size, holding a fishing pole in the outstretched hand. I made his body and head last year before I started my affair with paper mache clay. He was constructed from cloth, stuffing, paper clay, acrylic paints and sealer. After painting his face, I decided that he would be much cuter as a little Hallowe'en clown.

I wanted polka dots, but didn't have the exact colors that I wanted, so I painted the dots onto solid white and solid orange fabric. Then I stained the fabric with very thin brown paint here and there, Do you like his mis-matched buttons?

He is holding a ghost on a stick. Did you ever make these as a kid? I remember making them out of kleenex, but this one is made from coffee filter paper, then painted and stained. His Jack-o-Lantern is made from my favorite medium, paper mache.

The lighting may be better in this one. This little fellow decided to mix his clown suit with his big brother's bat wings. I kind of like his costume, don't you? And, we need to see his wings better, so here's a view of him from behind. They are very thin wood, painted black, sanded and stained. I drilled four holes into them, and just threaded the string through the holes.

I'm glad that I finally decided to finish him. I really love his cute expression, and his "barely there hair". He looks so much cuter in person. I'm still thinking that I need a better camera.

I'm still working on "Mr. Moonlight". Today was kind of a drying day for parts of him, so that's why I decided to finish this guy.

I hope you like him. I need to give him a name, any suggestions?

See you later,


Marlene said...

Maggie, he is so cute. I do love his mix matched buttons. You will have to bring him when you come to watch a movie tomorrow so I can see him in person. I would suggest a name but you know how I am with names, I'd call him clowny or some such dumb thing.

Jordan Anderson said...

I love him! His wings look just like the wings you would get a child for Halloween, perfect little tie in the back! I think it's awesome that you use coffee filters and other recycled things for you art. I'd love to see a close-up of both his suit and his ghostie. Wonderful job! :)

maddyrose said...

What a little sweetypie. I love every inch of him from the top of his head with the barely there hair to the tips of his toes. I adore his costume and his little ghost on a stick. This is probably the cutest little boy who ever went trick or treating. His Jack-o-lantern is great too. I want this guy. Do you give a discount to family members? This is another wonderful piece and you should be very proud of er, uh, ummm, what's his name?

Maggie said...

Thank you, ladies. Jordan, the coffee filter wasn't recycled, LOL, just repurposed. But, you're right, I do recycle a lot of things.

Cobblestone Creations said...

What a cutie pie! Such a gentle face. Love him!

Lee said...

Maggie - his face is precious! That outfit is really great - you sure do pay attention to detail ;^)

art2cee2 said...

Agreed! He is so very cute as a clown. I just love your details and extras. The pumpkin, wonderful :-)