Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Edna, Second in a Series

Edna is the second witch in my series titled "The Witches of  Newhampton Shire." She stand 19" tall. Her familiar, a tiny owl named Brimly, perches on her left shoulder.

She's a little happier looking than her BFF, Hester. Or maybe she's just laughing because her little owl tickled her ear with his feathers. She has the required wart or two on her face, and her jowls and extra chins show her age. I wanted to get the chin and jowls just right, so I used a mirror to check her face against mine for accuracy! If you click on the photo you can tell that her tongue is obscurring the lower teeth... or maybe there aren't any there?

Like Hester, she is made from paper mache clay, with a touch of paper clay. She holds her hand-made broom in her left hand, and has a Jack-o-Lantern at her feet.

When I envisioned the witches in this series, I wanted their faces to show more expression, and just a touch more realism than my Santas, yet with fairly simple bodies. I usually use a touch of paper clay to smooth out the faces, since the paper mache leaves them fairly rough or bumpy. Their hats are permanently attached. They have a touch of glitter paint on their hats, hems, and sleeve edges, that may not show up well in the photos. Hester's glitter is silver, and Edna's is green.

OOAK Art Dolls, $95.00 USD each
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Hester and Edna are usually seen together, laughing and sharing stories, as shown in the photo, above. Don't forget to click on the photos to see them larger.

I hope that you have enjoyed viewing my witches. Up next time is another Santa, or perhaps Belladonna, the third witch of the series.

Thank you for dropping by.


Sunday, September 18, 2011

Hester, First in a Series

I haven't posted in about three weeks. I guess I've been enjoying the weather, and of course, I have been imersed in paper mache, as usual. Also, my sis and I have been trying to get in three days a week at the pool. Now that the weather is cooling down (already), I don't know if I will be able to talk myself into going.

Meet Hester, my first paper mache witch in a series of 13 witches. This series is titled "The Witches of Newhampton Shire".

I will reveal three witches this year, before Halloween. The final 10 will be completed over the next two years, ending in October, 2013.

All of the witches will be OOAK, completely hand sculpted, from paper mache.

Hester stands 19-1/4 inches tall, from the table top to the tip of her pointy hat. Her broom was made from a rhododendron twig and dried grasses. She carries her broom, with a "lantern" tied to the handle, that she carved from a pumpkin.

Her familiar, Smoke, is standing at her feet. Smoke enjoys riding with Hester on her broomstick.

I will present the second of this series later later this week.

I hope you have enjoyed viewing Hester. Any and all comments are welcomed.

Thanks for dropping by, and I hope you are all having a great week.