"Twas The Night After Christmas"
Published in Art Doll Quarterly, November 2011

This was the first time I ever tried to get a doll into Art Doll Quarterly magazine! I was so excited when I got word from the editor that my Santa had been accepted for publication in the magazine.

This Santa is not quite like my other paper mache Santas. He's wearing a night shirt and cap made from fabric. He holds a cold porcrlain gingerbread man in one hand, and a mug of steamy hot cocoa in the other. His mug was made from a small wooden pail. You can't see from this photo, but there are three melting marshmallows in the cocoa. Santa's wearing fuzzy bunny slippers, and he stands on a braided rug (made from paper mache). The base is a slice of a Christmas tree trunk.


"Mr. Moonlight"
Published in Art Doll Quarterly, May 2012

Mr. Moonlight was my second submission to ADQ magazine. He is made from paper mache, paper, wooden dowels, and cardstock. Painted and sealed with acrylic paints and mediums.  His head can be turned to face either side or straight ahead. I built a music box movement that plays "Puttin' On The Ritz into the base ". He was recently sold.


"Shelf Sitter Challenge", Art Doll Quarterly, August 2012

Earlier this year, I decided to enter Art Doll Quarterly's Shelf Sitter Challenge. I created and submitted three dolls for the challenge, and to my surprise and delight, all were accepted.

"The Percussionist" has a paper clay head, with a stuffed fabric body. She plays a variety of 15th Century percussion instruments, and has three instruments attached to cords around her waist. She is dressed in a costume that borrows style elements from several eras. Her hair is hand dyed mohair. She wears a turban on her head. All of her clothing were sewn from Bali batiks. Her shoes are paper mache clay and are painted to coordinate with her outfit.

Her friend, "The Psaltery Player", is seen below. She plays a 15th Century stringed instrument called a psaltery. She has a paper mache head and fabric body. Her eyes are closed and she appears to be enthralled with the music. Her hair is unraveled ribbon. Her clothes are also sewn from batiks and borrow style elements from several eras. She also wears paper mache shoes to match her outfit.

 "The Egg Man" was my third entry into the challenge. He is made from paper mache clay, with fabric legs and arms. The arms are button jointed. His legs have wooden bead knees, that attach into the upper legs with wires, and can swing freely. When he returned home from ADQ, I made a wagon with pumpkins inside for him to sit on.


Pere Noel was the third paper mache Santa I created, and is still one of my favorites. You can see him in the "Show & Tell" section.

"Pinnochio" was created for submission to the "Book Character Challenge". He is on page 65.


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