Halloween Store

Any of the OOAK creations in my blog are for sale, on a first-come, first-served basis. Items in any of my posts are also for sale, if available. Some items are currently in my Etsy store. Click on this link to go to my Etsy Store. If you are interested in purchasing items not currently in my Etsy store, please email me for availability. I will put a reserved listing in my Etsy store for you. Payment must be made through PayPal.

Trick or Treat Halloween Art Doll
$100 Plus shipping
Trick or Treat OOAK Halloween Art Doll: Head, arms and legs are constructed from cloth, cotton stuffing, covered in paper clay, acrylic paints and sealer. From the bottom of his pumpkin seat to the tip of his little ghost, he measures approximately 8-1/2". Click on his photo to go to the Etsy page with his full description.

Pumpkin Stack
$20, plus shipping
Pete and Herk, Pumpkin Scarecrows
$55.00 for the pair, Plus shipping

Homespun Pumpkin Annie
$24, plus shipping

Cat on a Pumpkin, Pumpkin on a Cat
$115 for all, plus shipping