Sunday, August 5, 2012

Off My Rocker Etsy Sale...

Hi! I've decided to have a sale in my Off My Rocker store on Etsy... save 20% through August on any item in my Etsy store, or on any of my blog posts. You must enter a coupon code to get the discount. The code is: AUG0812. Discount will be applied to all items purchased in my shop (and on my blog) during the month of August. You can get to my Etsy store by clicking on the photo below:

These pics are just some of the items that are in my store, or on my blog. There are Halloween items, Santa items, of course, and you can purchase any of the items in any of my blog posts if they are still available. If it's not in my Etsy store, just email me for availability, then if you like, I will place the item in my Etsy store as a reserved listing just for you. First-come, first-served!

Don't forget to scroll back through my older posts, you may have forgotten about some of the items.

Have a great week,