Sunday, February 6, 2011

Finally Off My Rocker, and into the blogosphere

Well, I finally figured out how to set up a blog... I think. I've wanted to have a way to communicate with other artists, and to connect with collectors of folk art. I hope this accomplishes both. Maybe I'll even re-connect with collectors of my art from several years ago when I was selling on eBay.

I've recently been sculpting with paper mache. More accurately, it is a paper mache clay, made with recycled paper pulp combined with paste, glue and other ingredients. I got the basic recipe from Jonni Good, a fantastic artist, author, and blogger. Her site can be found at

I would like to introduce one of my folk art Santas, or other creations, each time that I blog.

First to appear is this folk art Santa. He stands approx. 13" tall. He carries his bag of toys over his shoulder, and is holding a wreath in his right hand. Made entirely from the paper mache clay (PMC) and painted with acrylics. Heavily antiqued, and sealed with poly acrylic. Other views:

I hope you enjoy viewing him, and I'd appreciate any comments. He will be listed later in the year on eBay or Etsy. If you would like to receive a notice when I list him, let me know by email. Thank you!

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Marlene said...

Welcome Sis to the world of blogging. Glad you finally made it here and I wish you much luck and success. Love your Santa, but then you already know that.