Monday, February 7, 2011

Woodland Santa

I'm back. It's a gloomy, gray day today. I live on a Christmas tree farm, and earlier this morning I could only make out a few rows of trees, because of the fog. Fortunately, it has lifted, along with my spirits. I love living in the beautiful Pacific Northwest, but sometimes the weather can be depressing! You Oregonians know what I mean.

Today I would like to introduce you to another of my OOAK original paper mache sculptures: my Woodland Santa. Like my other Santas, he is made from paper mache, clay, and acrylic paint.

He stands 11.5" tall and he's about 5 inches wide at his widest point.

He's pretty strong, see how easily he carries a christmas tree on his back?

A close-up. Sorry he's a little blurry.

I love the warm colors that I painted him in, but I wish my camera took better photos! Maybe it's the operator ;-). Can you make out the raised pattern at the bottom of his robe?

Here he is shown with some of his associates:

I really enjoy making these little guys, and working in this medium. The finished paper mache sculptures are not thin and lightweight, like paper. They feel a little like they are carved from wood.

I started working on a Halloween piece today. It takes approximately one week (sometimes longer) to complete a piece, so it won't be ready to show for a while. But, I will be sharing some of my other Santas, in days to come, and maybe a mermaid, or a witch...

Hope to hear from you soon,


Marlene said...

Love this one, he is really nicely done.

Maggie said...

Thank you, Marlene.

Anonymous said...

I'll be looking forward to seeing your mermaid. They're my favorite. Your santas are really are very talented!!

Maggie said...

Thank you, Anonymous!

Faye said...

You are extremely talented and I your work is amazing. I love this santa, love the detail you put into your pieces. One of the things the gallery owner said to us (and we never really stopped doing it anyway) was to add our original bits and pieces to our sculptures. You are doing that and I can safely say that Chris would have loved selling your santas. Of course you would have had to move to Ohio. Great job Maggie.